Eat Like We Did Before: The Benefits of Ancestral Eating

Eat Like We Did Before: The Benefits of Ancestral Eating

PRIMA (adj. first/before)

The word "Prima" translates to an adjective meaning "first" or "before". We chose this name for our bar because not only is it the first protein bar of its kind - actually 100% clean - but its formulation is based on the ancestral diet AKA eating the way we did before. That is before industrialism & commercialism - the demise of the food industry. Prima bars are made of ingredients that have been bioavailable to us as humans for centuries. Real food that our ancestors evolved from. 


Ancestral Foods

Think back to a time when fast food meant sprinting after your dinner. Our ancestors feasted on foods that Mother Nature intended. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy piece of grass-fed beef & snacking on berries like a true gatherer. Our ancestors were all about real, whole foods that nourished their bodies from the inside out.


These foods include:
Grass fed and finished meat and organs from cows, venison, bison and lamb
Wild caught seafood
Pastured pork and poultry
Eggs from chickens, quail and duck
Raw dairy from cows, goats and sheep
Animal fats: grass fed beef tallow, butter and lard
Natural oils from olives, coconuts and avocados
Local & seasonal fruit (nature's candy)
Fermented foods: Kefer, sauerkraut, Kimchi, sourdough (yes - humans have been fermenting foods since 10,000 BCE!) 


Everything was organic, grass fed, wild caught, local and in season because pesticides, antibiotics and processed grain feed didn't exist. Everything was in its purest form, the way nature intended, and that's how we formulated Prima bars - ancestral ingredients, straight from nature, in their purest form. Prima bars were made to conveniently incorporate the benefits of ancestral eating into your diet everyday. Our great great great great great grandparents would be so proud. 


Benefits of Eating Ancestrally 

Because our ancestors have been eating this way since the beginning of time, our bodies recognize these foods and know what to do with them - how to digest them and absorb the vitamins, minerals and protein they contain. Ancestral eating fights chronic illness, inflammation, brain fog and fatigue. These foods are truly the key to ultimate vitality. 


If you're looking to feel your best in this one life we live, give ancestral eating a try. We hope that our bars make it easy and delicious, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about the ancestral lifestyle here.

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