About Us


Performance food made in a lab is one thing. Prima is not that thing. Prima is food for sport tested on the streets, fields and mountains and proven quite literally, through centuries of trial, improvement and winning.

Prima is the real food formula that has powered true athletic achievement, adventure and endeavor over generations. Crafted from inside knowledge gained during years on the European cycling circuit, it is the sum of that experience. Now you can ride, hike, climb and play powered by all-natural nutritional secrets that actually work.

No hype, no additive-laden gimmicks, just proof. Which is also delicious.


Prima Founder Dave Vukets spent years as an elite road cyclist on the European circuit. During his time there he set his mind and efforts to discovering what made these European elite amateurs so good. They rode old bikes, wore old gear, and could train after a long day at work. And win. And win powered by nothing more than the foods that they prepared themselves.

The mystique of their success lay in their culture, their tradition, and very much, in what they ate. These nutritional secrets aren’t built on powdered supplements or elements from the periodic table, they’re built on real foods. 


The greatest values from sporting history are upheld in today’s competitions. These are the values that inform and inspire our work at Prima.

  • Safety. Ensuring the well being of our supporters and the community is our priority.
  • Integrity. We are honest with our customers, stakeholders, and perhaps most importantly, with ourselves.
  • Competition. We strive to be the absolute best at everything we do. It’s no coincidence Prima means “first” in Italian.
  • Hard Work. We revel in the challenges we face every day, and take pride in working hard.
  • Celebration. Together we celebrate our victories, small and large, as well as the many learning experiences we encounter.