Introducing Espresso + Almond Bars

This month we’re pleased to launch the fifth flavour in our Real Food Energy Bar line up; Espresso + Almond. As always we’re sticking to our principles and putting only the very best in our newest bars. The recipe and method is simple; we blend whole dates together with a nutritious mix of hemp seeds, quinoa flakes, crisped brown rice, and sunflower seeds, then add freshly ground, espresso roast coffee and almond butter. That’s the whole ingredient list. No syrups, no protein powders. No gimmicks.

Espresso + Almond was inspired by the best espresso that we’ve tasted at home and in our travels across the world. Direct trade coffee is amazing because, like wine, every varietal, farmer, and roast, carries its own collection of nuanced flavours. A well pulled espresso could have flavour notes ranging from citrus to chocolate. In our case, some of our favourite coffees have a distinctly nutty flavour. In experimenting with different pairings, almonds, and almond butter, is one of our consistent favourites. Reminiscent of an autumn breakfast before a long training run, espresso and almond butter just belong together.