Ingredient Highlight: Dates

It’s important to know what’s in your food, right? We think so! Which is why we chose dates as our first product highlight for this blog series that highlights the specific real food ingredients we use in our products. So, why do we use dates as our source of sweetness instead of a processed sweetener like brown rice syrup?

Prima's entire philosophy focuses on using real food for fuel. That means using ingredients that have not been processed in any way. We take whole dates, remove the pit, and blend them into our bars. That’s it!

Brown rice syrup, on the other hand, has been extracted, heated, processed and altered to a form that is used as an added sweetener. It is not a real food. These sorts of sugar are hard on the body and create a sugar spike, thus leading to a sugar crash.

But sugar is sugar right? Not necessarily. Natural sugar has more than just glucose content, it has added nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fibre. Processed sweeteners and refined sugars simply don't have these additional benefits - they're just empty calories.

It is important to know that our bars are ENERGY bars, meaning they have a high calorie content to fuel the body. Using whole dates mean our bars are also high in fibre, which plays an important role by working synergystically with the nutrient profile of the bar as a whole. What does that mean? As the body takes time breaking down the fibre, the same happens with the sugar, complex carbs, protein, and fat, leading to slow time-released energy. This gives the body the capability to use the calories as sustained energy.

 At Prima we value the importance of real food nutrition and are always happy to share why we choose the ingredients we do! All of our bars contain dates, and none of them contain processed sweeteners.