Introducing Apricot + Cinnamon Bars

We’re very pleased to introduce Apricot + Cinnamon as the newest flavour in our line of Real Food Energy Bars. We sourced beautiful organic dried apricots and paired them simply with ground cinnamon. Unsulfured, plump and with a true apricot flavour, the organic fruit we use is completely unique compared to the common bright orange, preservative-treated dried apricots.

The apricot is a special fruit; one with which I have plenty of positive associations. Racing road bikes in northwestern France, my favourite pastry on rest day rides to the local boulangerie was a simple, flaky apricot tart. Known in our home base of Brittany as croissant aux abricots, on race trips I was surprised to find that the pastry had almost as many names and subtle variations as there were regions in France. Fresh, ripe apricots bring back leisurely stops at roadside stands in BC’s lush Okanagan Valley during the peak of summer. And on the bike, organic dried apricots remind me of long, steady training rides on the quiet backroads of Ontario.

Apricot and cinnamon both have special nutrients that lend perfectly to an energy bar. Apricot is one of the best natural potassium sources, which is an essential electrolyte for performance and often under-consumed in athletes’ diets. Cinnamon is full of anti-inflammatory compounds that our body needs to perform and recover its best.

Combined with quality real food ingredients like quinoa flakes, brown rice crisps, and dates, Apricot + Cinnamon is a delicious addition to our flavour line-up. As always, our newest flavour is free of any processed syrup, powder, or preservative. We make small batches and ship out fresh product daily. We hope you will enjoy these bars as much as we enjoy making them.